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Who Made Who

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  • The title track is basically the only “new” song on this album, other than the two instrumentals. If you are unaware this is the soundtrack to MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, the movie that was actually directed by Stephen King himself. The movie is the balls, man, if you’ve never seen it. King, notoriously a huge AC/DC fan himself contacted these guys to write a score for the movie that he was putting together at the time, and what evolved was the song WHO MADE WHO.
    PISSER! If you think about, this song probably contains the most thought provoking AC/DC lyrics that there ever were. It is based on the movie, which is about an evil spirit that brings machines to life (its sooo good, did I mention that yet?). The song in similar vein basically is about how one could believe machines are taking over but in the end we are human f’in beings for gods sake and how are machines gonna destroy us? WE RULE! WE RULE THE FOOD CHAIN! WE RULE THE FRIGGIN’ WORLD! Computers? Computers are fags. They ain’t got nothing! That goes for you too robots! By the way, the boys are IN the movie too, as themselves. They actually get killed by the demon (you gotta see the movie man!)

    As for this album, it rocks A TON! The only problem is that its all previously released songs from other albums… but hey, casual liteners no doubt will dig. Its like buying a greatest hits almost. The songs are mainly from the eighties (all excellent tracks though) except for RIDE ON, the only BON SCOTT track represented here from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (that happens to be MY favorite album, you should check THAT out.)

    Posted on March 14, 2010