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Who's The Boss In The Factory

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  • I have pretty much all of “The Flower King” and the numerous spinoff cds but this is one of the best. I also have all three “Karmakanik” cds and again this is by far the cream of the crop. My one minor complaint is that Jonas(more cowbell)Reingold likes to mix the bass line a little on the high side. Sometimes higher then the guitar on guitar solos — but small point,since he is such an incredible bass player. And by the way what’s with the “Rasputin” look on the liner notes photos.

    All that being said, this is one sweet endeavor. The current linup has more of a cohesive band feel. Goran Edman’s vocals are really a plus. As a professional keyboard player, I can really appreciate the fine keyboard work by Lalle Larsson. The opening track “Send A Message From The Heart” is what “Prog rock” is all about. The rest is not too shabby either. If you are a fan of great music, buy this cd. You won’t be disappointed.

    Posted on December 4, 2009