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Who's The Boss In The Factory

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  • What a pleasant surprise this album was for me. It has a nice mix of styles and really captured me on the first listen which doesn’t happen very often. Basically, this music is 2 parts Flower Kings, 1 part Spock’s Beard and 1 part IQ with a nice dose of their own signature sound so while it’s familiar sounding music, they certainly put their own stamp on the music.

    Send a message – 8/10 – A little smaltzy towards the end, but very strong track
    Let in Hollywood – 10/10 – wonderful catchy, creative track
    Who’s the boss – 10/10 – very strong title track
    Two Blocks from the Edge – 9/10 another solid track
    Eternally – 9/10 – nice change of pace track

    All in all, anyone who like the Flower Kings should get this album, especially at a little over $5 for the entire album in MP3 format. In general though, any one who’s a fan of prog will not be disappointed unless you really need the metal to be part of your music.

    Posted on December 4, 2009