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Wicked Maiden

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  • Listened to multiple times prior to this review.

    This album is an odd sounding combination of previously harmonious musicians. Some albums just do not flow; this is one of them. Early Impellitteri works with R. Rock and C. Impell. (e.g., Answer to the Master; Crunch; etc.) did mix well; the lyrics reflected an honest and successful struggle to meld hard music (power metal) with lyrics reflecting real issues that transcend the grave. R. Rock has rightly moved past his Impellitteri past (and joined with Roy Z.) seeking to follow Jesus and express himself with the gifts that he has received from Someone beyond himself. His post Impellitteri independent albums as well as his recent Driver (“Sons of Thunder”) album are examples of fine music with lyrics that thoughtfully blend with skillful instrumentation aimed at a largely irreligious audience. This newest Impellitteri production seems forced, with two wavelengths that never connect. C. Impellitteri’s music is excellent, but at times is pregressive/experimental, with odd and grating shifts in beat that differ from usual melodic power metal. Would fans of Van Halen appreciate an album in a progressive style similar to Dream Theater? Hardly. And the lyrics. . . . What to say? Most seem written on the fly, without the depth of eternal thought that recent Rock lyrics portray. High school angst; waiting for the bell to ring to move to “coming attractions”. . . . And the one song that us religionists would drool over in anticipation (Holy Man = Jesus) features poor music, unharmoniously composed. Come on, Impellitteri; you know how to produce power metal that is melodic! We’re paying money for your product. Deliver!

    Unfortunately this is one of those albums that I’ll need to listen to over and over and over and hope that the sound eventually becomes attractive.

    Posted on December 8, 2009