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  • As of this writing, this CD sits at #121,812 in Music and there exists not a single review, signals that Tombs’ latest album is in danger of falling into the dreaded “hidden gem” category that music elitists love (due to feelings of exclusivity and possession) and bands hate (due to lack of dollars for which to fund their art). While the lack of sales doesn’t surprise me, the lack of word of mouth here does. I can’t be the only person on the planet who has feelings strong enough to warrant a word or two about this excellent album.

    Let me put it simply: If you like bands like Isis, Neurosis or High on Fire, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t enjoy getting your senses pummeled by this talented trio from Brooklyn. These guys put out a wickedly huge sound, a sonic maelstrom of foreboding and melancholy that doesn’t get bogged down in experimental passages or drone, but constantly moves forward in tight song structures. While the vocals (abrasive but fitting), guitars and bass (monolithic but melodic) are all excellent, the drums are a special high point for technical skill and cavernous sound.

    Epic without epic length, this disc rewards repeated spins. Highly recommended!

    Posted on November 27, 2009