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Wisconsin Death Trip

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  • On “Wisconsin Death Trip,” Static-X bend genres like wet noodles. This album is a sizzling amalgamation of industrial and nu-metal, with some big, funky, danceable grooves thrown in. I would find it very hard to believe someone who said the massive, stuttering groove of “Push It” didn’t instantly get embedded in their head. Fortunately, the album as a whole offers an array of similiar treats. One might think it’s hard to make heavy music catchy, but Static-X pull it off beatifully. The thick industrial riffs are some of the catchiest around, and Wayne Static’s deep growl blends perfectly with the guitar work. Unlike many nu-metal bands, Static-X don’t take themselve too seriously and adopt a threatening pose; rather, these songs are imbued with a deep sense of fun. In addition to “Push It,” immediate highlights include the grinding, deeply rhythmic “Stem” and the eerily ambient “The Trance is the Motion.” Every song is at least good though, with some nice solid riffs and catchy beats. In other words, if you haven’t already picked this one up, do so now.

    Posted on December 3, 2009