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  • 4.5 stars. Mix Black Sabbath with Motorhead, throw in a dash of Jimi Hendrix attitude and riffage, play at high volume for about an hour, and what you have is “Wiseblood” by C.O.C. This is the album that I return to the most. While the previous album, “Deliverance,” has many great songs, it also has a modicum of filler material. On “Wiseblood” there is no filler, whatsoever. Their follow-up to this, “America’s Volume Dealer,” has no filler, but is also radio-ready, and grows tired after a few spins. But “Wiseblood” does not grow old. In fact, the more times I hear it, the more I appreciate the attempt at updating their influences with mid-90s studio production value. Speaking of the Jimi Hendrix vibe on this album, every once in a while Pepper Keenan ends a lyric with a soft “yeah.” Like on the song “Redemption City”: “So we sing this simple sooooooong! (yeah)” This band has freely admitted to using Black Sabbath as a template for their style, but every once in a while a Motorhead influence comes through. Just check out the riffs and no-nonsense attitude on the song “Wishbone(some tomorrow).” Anyway, this is the album I listen to the most, with “Deliverance” running a distant, but respectable second. “America’s Volume Dealer” is good for a few spins or more if you like Heavy Metal with Pop Metal gloss, but “Wiseblood” is their best. Later.

    Posted on March 1, 2010