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  • Indeed one of the most underrated and unrecognized bands I can think of, Corrosion of Conformity was doing the whole alt/metal thing before most people even heard of it. I had completely fallen in love with C.O.C.’s previous album, 1994’s “Deliverance”, and I thought then that that album couldn’t be topped. Well, I was wrong. Where as “Deliverance” had a laid back emotional feel to it, “Wiseblood” is filled with unrelenting southern blues inspired rock with a dash of heaviness. Pepper Keenan really shines on “Wiseblood”, songwriting and vocally speaking, andit’s a shame that his talents, and the rest of C.O.C.’s, go unrecognized. “King of the Rotten” starts off the album, and has quickly become one of my all time favorite songs, followed by “Long Whip/Big America” which showcases drummer Reed Mullin’s talents. The title track, “Born Again For the Last Time”, “The Door”, and “Fuel” are excellent tracks, but “Man or Ash” is a standout track that combines C.O.C.’s style with a more darker, sinister tone (is that James Hetfield I hear singing as well or am I hallucinating?). All in all, if you’ve never listened to C.O.C. before, but you like bands like Down (Pepper’s other band with Pantera’s Phil Anselmo), Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, or Pantera, then you’ll dig C.O.C., and to say that “Wiseblood” and “Deliverance” are must haves is an understatement.

    Posted on March 1, 2010