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  • The thing I love most about COC is how every album sounds different than the one before it. “Blind” is more sonic and chorused, “Deliverance” adds a layer of mud to the sound, actually bringing out the chorus effect. “Wiseblood” sounds fantastic, the guitar sound is thick as peanut butter, taking the grunge element from grunge-rock and making it their own. If only grunge-rock sounded this good.That being said, COC have never really aimed to sound like your average metal band, but have striven (strived, strove?) over the years to make their sound their own; something like a overdriven, scooped, chorused, fuzzed and re-overdriven mash. Sounds ridiculous? Tell COC this. So unique is their sound that you can pick out COC solely by their sound on the Black Sabbath tribute album “Nativity in Black.” You can’t say that for other bands Megadeth, Biohazard, et al.The first three songs are standard COC tunes, establishing themes early on; love lost, political soap-boxing, downtrodden and unrecognized. The album really picks up at track four, “Goodbye Windows,” a song about drug use, their paralyzing effects. Guitars go between simmering overdrive, neck-pickups and low volume, to a boiling guitar as Pepper’s voice gets the proper distortion and echoing.Track seven, “Snake Has No Head” is classic COC political-rock, but more intelligent than U2 or Rage Against the Machines. The reason for this are the lyrics, that go something like this, “Keep the masses terrified… nothing left to lose, so we create another wound…” There are shades of “Bowling for Columbine” in there, which was released years after this album. Points to Pepper and Co.My favorite song is number eight, “Door.” Metallica actually tried to bum this riff off them in a bastardized form on “Reload” with “Bad Seed,” with James Hetfield singing “choking on the bad seed.” Nice semi-veiled reference to oral sex you bum. The COC song “Door” is by contrast better than anything on “Reload” and delivers the most important ingredient in metal – the heavy. I love the fuzzbox/wah-petal solo too.Hetfield actually shows up for backing vocals on “Man or Ash,” the heaviest song on the album. The saddest-song-in-the-world is “Redemption City.” “Wishbone” is my second favorite song off the album. “Fuel” is more fiery than the “Fuel” by an aforementioned band, only years before. See the pattern here? COC overtook Metallica in the heaviness category with this one, not that Metallica were doing anything to put up a fight. With all the soap-opera surrounding the “Biggest Band in the World,” COC have taken ‘er easy, churned out albums, stuck to their guns, and now they have more cred than the big boys. Funny how these things work out in the rock realm.

    Posted on March 1, 2010