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Wishmastour 2000

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Very limited release for the Finnish gothic inspired metal act. Includes six rare tracks, ’Wishmaster’, ’Sleepwalker’ (Demo Version), ’Passion And The Opera’ (Edit Version), ’Nightquest’, ’A Return To The Sea’, ’Once Upon A Troubadour’ and two video tracks, ’Sleeping Sun’ and ’Sacrament Of Wilderness’ (Live). 2000 release. Standard jewel case.

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  • I have this CD and love it. It is not as good as a regular studio album, or the live album ‘From Wishes To Eternity — Live’, however, it is still a very nice CD.Amoung the special tracks are (2) Sleepwalker – Heavy Version : very nice variant to the original (3) Passion and the Opera – edit : this one is one of my favs. Very heavy beginning with the heavy bass chello or somthing. Nice touch. (4) Nightguest : a very hot bonus track amoung hardcore fans. this is a very very heavy tune. IMO the heaviest of all Nightwish’s music. (5) A Return To the Sea : This smells (very good) of Tuomas’s earlier dabblings in mood music and of finnish feeling mysic. Very naturistic. (6) Once Upon a Troubadour : very good song, however, kinda like #5 and rather weird at the start.Over all, i recommend this if you want to get all those good bonus tracks that didn’[t come on the releasle you bought of the studio albums.The cd contains two music videos. One in MPEG and the other in MOV. I dunno why they put a Quicktime movie on there. They should have both been MPEG, but now that you can get both those music videos on DVD, who cares.

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • 6 great song(rarity song)!!! and 2 video, Wishmaster (Original version), Sleepwalker (Heavy version), Passion And The Opera, Nightguest, A Return To The Sea, Once Upon A Troubadour, 2 videos!, Sleeping Sun, Sacrement Of Wilderness(Live), if your are not a fan of Nightwish, is not a cd to buy !! just buy Wishmaster and Oceanborn first and if you like it, buy this album…

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now