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Wishmastour 2000

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  • I have this CD and love it. It is not as good as a regular studio album, or the live album ‘From Wishes To Eternity — Live’, however, it is still a very nice CD.Amoung the special tracks are (2) Sleepwalker – Heavy Version : very nice variant to the original (3) Passion and the Opera – edit : this one is one of my favs. Very heavy beginning with the heavy bass chello or somthing. Nice touch. (4) Nightguest : a very hot bonus track amoung hardcore fans. this is a very very heavy tune. IMO the heaviest of all Nightwish’s music. (5) A Return To the Sea : This smells (very good) of Tuomas’s earlier dabblings in mood music and of finnish feeling mysic. Very naturistic. (6) Once Upon a Troubadour : very good song, however, kinda like #5 and rather weird at the start.Over all, i recommend this if you want to get all those good bonus tracks that didn’[t come on the releasle you bought of the studio albums.The cd contains two music videos. One in MPEG and the other in MOV. I dunno why they put a Quicktime movie on there. They should have both been MPEG, but now that you can get both those music videos on DVD, who cares.

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • 6 great song(rarity song)!!! and 2 video, Wishmaster (Original version), Sleepwalker (Heavy version), Passion And The Opera, Nightguest, A Return To The Sea, Once Upon A Troubadour, 2 videos!, Sleeping Sun, Sacrement Of Wilderness(Live), if your are not a fan of Nightwish, is not a cd to buy !! just buy Wishmaster and Oceanborn first and if you like it, buy this album…

    Posted on March 12, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now