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With Devils Amongst Us All

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  • After hearing the first single “Trigger Full Of Promises” on the headbangers ball cd i thought well this is a great improvement from their other albums. I decided to go ahead and give this album a chance and picked it up at best buy. After listening to the whole album i wondered if this was the same band.

    The songwriting on this album has improved so much. the guitar riffs are much more intricate and thrashy, the drums are fast, pounding and full of brutal fills, and the vocals are very angry and brutal. The breakdowns are much improved as well. I know people wont agree with me on this one but i feel most of these breakdowns are better than the new unearth album.

    Each song stands out on its own for each specific reason which is good cause it gives you an album that you have to listen to from start to finish. The most suprising element about this album is the ballad song which is number 9. The singer actually sings and sound really good and it has a nice solo in the song. It remings me of lacuna coil. It is also a good break between the destruction so you can catch your breath before the last two punishing tracks.

    I suggest this album for anyone that likes unearth, shadows fall or any band that has either thrash elements or who likes great breakdowns. Go pick it up cause they deserve the exposure!!!

    Posted on January 1, 2010