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With Oden on Our Side

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  • I noticed that this album is in the 600’s on the best selling amazon list. That’s pretty good for an underground metal band i would say. I’m glad that a good band is finally getting noticed. In case anyone doesn’t know, Amon Amarth is a band that plays a style of death metal dubbed “viking metal”. Their lyrics, their image, their music is based upon the epic soundscapes of vikings, norse mythology, and battles of honor and glory. They are much like their death metal cousins, bolt thrower, in that respect. While bolt thrower pummels us with brutal vocals and riffs everywhere, Amon Amarth throws in deep throat vocals (that can still be understood somehow; what an amazing singer they have!) and a melodic but heavy wall of sound….much like an approaching army! Over the last few releases, AA have gotten a bit more melodic than their earlier stuff but they get their point across just as well as ever.

    Their previous efffort, the fate of norns, was a good release but it was way too melodic and slow, even by AA standards. With this release, they pick up the pace quite a bit and once again find the perfect balance between heavy and melodic, epic and to the point.

    Tracks 3, 5, 6, and 9 are my favorites. 3 is easily the heaviest, fastest song on the album and it pummels you until the exact second it’s over. Track 9 is a slower (but still retardely heavy) track that captures perfect the epic sound of AA. On this sound, you have the melodic guitar, the slower melodic parts, the heavier guitar with the faster, more crunchy parts. The vocals, drums, and bass on this song all come togther with the others and create a very strong song, one of AA’s best. The atompshere on this song is very very dark and full of despair and hoplesness. I love it.

    Posted on January 2, 2010