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With Oden on Our Side

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  • One of the best metal albums of this decade. Second only to Vs The World for this band. Production quality is the best yet, and you can tell the band worked very hard to give us a true metal tour de force. Johan proves once again why he’s one of the best in the business. His delivery is brutal, but somehow clear enough to understand, which is rare for a death vocalist. The Soderberg/Mikkonen guitar duo should get a grammy for this effort. These guys keep putting out pure, crystalline metal, album after album. And the rhythm section of Andersson and Lundstrom could not be tighter, providing the band that classic Amon Amarth “wall of sound.”

    There are no bad tracks on this CD. Highlights are Runes to My Memory, with a great chorus riff that just sticks in your head; Gods of War, where the first 2 minutes alone are just glorious viking metal; Asator, unreal riffs; and With Oden On Our Side, which seems to raise the gods from their slumber by itself!

    Amon Amarth is able to do what many bands cannot- they innovate within their genre. These guys know where their strengths are and keep hammering away at it! Yet, their true gift is that they can give us these great epic metal assaults over and over without sounding stale. Each album is unique, but all are still connected with familiar themes: vikings, norse gods, battle and adventure. Combine this with some of the best riffs ever devised and you get classic metal for the ages.

    Posted on January 2, 2010