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  • Avatar Image wright4 years, 5 months said ago:

    Is that the best argument they’ve got?! Horses and other veggie animals have canine teeth too…should I give a horse a hamburger? Didn’t think so. I don’t think meat eaters are bad people, but when they attack veggies with the “b-b-butt, we have canine teeth” argument I get VERY annoyed.
    oooh…looks like a meatie (abfabmom1) got all offended and answered before reading my whole question! I wasn’t attacking meat eaters, just curious why they always respond with the “look at the canine teeth” argument. Why are meaties so defensive becasue people eat differently than they do?

  • Avatar Image fairly44 years, 5 months said ago:

    That’s a really dumb explanation. I agree, I would be annoyed if I heard that from someone. Meat eaters eat meat because they want to. Veggie people don’t eat meat because they don’t want to. What other explanation do people need?