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With Teeth

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  • Sadly, its not. The new Nine Inch Nails is definitley more organic, which is what Reznor promised. The drums, the keys, vocals, everything sounds more live. NIN in 2005 is actually more of a “Band” than an expanded one-man project that it used to be. Dave Grohl’s drumming is pretty good I guess, it’s solid anyway. I’ll tell you right off the bat, if you loved Nine Inch Nails mostly for the heavy, loud, grating aspect they once had, then you will be disappointed with this release a little…you just will. If you, like me, like NIN for the lush melodies, cool drums patterns and an overall dark ambient/heavy feel then you will probably like this album. I will admit it is most definitley not Trent’s best offering…fans will attest. There is a prominent 80’s funky feel throughout the album. However, this is NOT in anyway the same style as Pretty Hate Machine, With Teeth actually expands on that style. I’m not doing a stupid track by track review b/c everyone’s opinions are different anyway, but the best songs that exemplify the new Nine Inch Nails sound is Only, Every Day Is Exactly The Same, and Getting Smaller. Definitley a retro feel going on here. The whole album is mostly bass-driven which is totally new for NIN. The guitar is there but its not as prominent as the bass. This combined with some warm, mellow keys thoughout makes this album very low and thunderous, while still being very melodic. Even though its not as dark as all the other albums, it sure as hell isnt all kisses in the sunset. This is just me, but I did notice some songs just seemed to meld together towards the end of the album…I couldnt tell where one song ended and another began unless I was looking at the track number on the cd player. The album is less-varied towards the end but still an entertaining listen, especially for Sunspots. That song is awesome. Sunspots sounds like old school NIN, with the throbbing low bass and the anthem-like guitar chord changes. Think Reptile, but updated. Take note when you listen to With Teeth that even the heaviest tracks on the album(You Know What You Are & Getting Smaller) arent even that heavy! There is little to no screaming on this release. But it’s still good. The only thing this album lacks compared to past releases is the anger. The dark, anger-induced lyrics that made past songs like Big Man With A Gun and Wish so heavy and gritty are not on this album. Nine Inch Nails intensity hasn’t backed down, but Trent isn’t angry anymore. I would most definitley recommend With Teeth to any Nine Inch Nails fans b/c without it, your collection is incomplete. I do recommend it to fans of rock music and industrial heads as well. It is definitley worth listening to repeatedly just like the other records. Just remember: This is far from a “masterpiece”. Trent has had several of those already and has chose to release a more straight-forward album. Why not? This is the best way I can sum up the new NIN album. You decide. Nuff said.

    Posted on January 8, 2010