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With Teeth

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  • First off, as far as where this album is musically, forget the comparisons to previous albums, they won’t tell you anything. To all those who say this album sounds the same as his others, you obviously haven’t listened closely enough (and of course they’re gonna sound somewhat similar – after all, it is the SAME person putting out these albums). To all of those who think this isn’t a masterpiece like TDS or The Fragile, you’re right, it isn’t. To be honest, I didn’t really want a “masterpiece”. Sometimes I just feel like listening to a good rock record that doesn’t demand deep concentration and focus to enjoy and to fully “get it”. Here, Trent has chilled out a little and given us a record that rocks, grooves, plods, and moves without any pretense.

    With Teeth is exactly the kind of album Trent needed to put out. The Fragile (and even TDS before it) were extremely involved, layered, and methodically planned (although it worked very well for those albums). With this album, you get a straightforward rock album recorded with actual acoustic drums (by the way, is Dave Grohl the only rock drummer around anymore??? it’s not like the parts he put down are complicated…), all the while still keeping Trent’s trademark production, piano lines, hushed to intense vocals, and varied song style/structure. Nothing Trent is doing here is extremely new, but he has placed variations on themes he’s explored before while adding an extra sense of musicianship – namely, more beat/drum n bass/groove centered songs, particularly on “Only”, “Sunspots”, “The Collector”, and the lead single “The Hand That Feeds”. He also expands on his layered, piano guided themes on “All the Love in the World” and “Right Where it Belongs”.

    Bottom line, don’t get overemotional about this release. No need to expect this album to change your life. This is Trent just jamming out and enjoying his craft.

    Posted on January 9, 2010