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Wither Blister Burn & Peel

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  • “Wither Blister Burn & Peel,” words taken from track #6 (“Falls Apart”), is a great sophomore album. I bought this CD mainly because of the two hits, “Shame” (#2) and “What Do I Have To Do?” (#3), but I quickly grew attached to the others, namely “Sleep” (#9), a slow haunting song, with a hoarse whispering chorus, about incest/rape. Most of the songs on here have a yin-yang quality, having calmer, smoother verses, then blasting out choruses with scratchy, yelling vocals. The topics are basically the same–about dysfunctional relationships/obsessions (as seen in #1: “I Don’t Believe”, plus just about every other track on here), isolation/depression (#4: “Why”, #8: “Crushing Me”, and #10: “Slipping Away”)–which should appeal to more moodier listeners.The lyrics are topnotch, and it’s a good thing they’re included in the booklet, because I’ve heard a few people get the lyrics to “Shame” mixed up, thinking Christopher Hall is saying “How can I *have sex* without you?”, though he’s really saying “How can I *exist* without you?”All around: a great CD. Highly recommended if you like alt rock/industrial/techno/whatever you want to call it.

    Posted on March 1, 2010