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  • Have you been starving for some old-fashioned rock like the sort that hogged FM radio in the early to mid-seventies? Do your eyes brim with tears when you pull out a dusty plastic 12-inch black slab of “Machine Head” or “Demons and Wizards?” Do you still sit around and pine for a Black Sabbath reunion? Lo, my brethren. Salvation has arrived and they call themselves Wolfmother.

    This debut CD sounds like it dropped from a time machine. “Wolfmother” is chock full of rocking seventies organ slamming minor chords atop big threatening sounding guitars as a singer wails above it like he has a cassette of Led Zeppelin wedged in his larynx. Does “Dimension” echo Black Sabbath? Heck, yeah. How about a little Deep Purple buried in “Joker and The Thief?” Oh, Baby. Zep lightning striking through “Woman?” I gotta whole lotta love for you, brother. And just to prove they aren’t completely retro, “Apple Tree” sounds like it came from the White Stripes’ bag of leftovers.

    Easily the best hard rock debut album to come out so far this century, Wolfmother proves you don’t have to be original to be great. I am hoping that they can keep evolving as a band; the last thing we need is the second coming of Kingdom Come. But for now, “Wolfmother” has a secure slot in my CD machine.

    Posted on March 15, 2010