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Women and Children First

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  • One can tell from the keyboard-driven ‘And the Cradle Will Rock’ (processed through a guitar amp to SOUND like guitar, but it’s keys) that Women and Children First is going to be an album that strays from their first two albums quite a bit. And it does. But unlike most 3rd ‘Experiments’ from bands, this album works. And it works extremely well. Every song here is good. Romeo Delight is great hard rock, and Everybody Wants Some finds David Lee Roth at his flamboyant best. Eddie showcases his acoustic chops on Could This Be Magic?, and it’s another full-band hyper-speed boogie on ‘Loss of Control’. The highlight of the album however is the long-forgotten, highly underrated ‘In A Simple Rhyme’ a semi-epic love song that is quite possibly the single best song of the David Lee Roth era. Released as a single, this song could’ve been a sure classic. It closes the album on a high note. Women and Children First is one of Van Halen’s more underrated albums in the shadow of the excellent Fair Warning, but it’s just as good. The only shortcoming is that it, like most Roth era albums, is very breif, only a little over a half-hour long. But it’s definitly one of the highlights of the band’s early-era.

    Posted on January 30, 2010