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World Coming Down

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  • “Slow, Deep, and Hard” possessed a thrash sound that Peter Steele had previously established with Carnivore. It was extreme to say the least, but his is an honest angst that tends to look at the big picture of things much more than most people would care to. “Bloody Kisses,” for me, established what Type O’s sound would become. Atmospheric, textured music with heavy guitars that made a fair share of noise, but it was a welcome noise. Lyrics so blatant and obvious that Black Sabbath would be proud (of course, they did covers of Sabbath songs on more than one occasion). “October Rust” finalized that sound, with nothing really new or radically different from “Bloody Kisses.” Again, this is my opinion. The main difference between “Bloody Kisses” and “October Rust” would have to be the latter’s greater attention to melody and sonic texture.Now we hear “World Coming Down,” an album that proves that Type O’s formula is working. Songs too long and thematically disturbing to radio-friendly, yet they possess a great deal of honest emotions that poser goths can only hope to imitate. This album combines elements from the three previous albums, with “October Rust”’s melodic sound structures, “Bloody Kisses”’s atmospheric composition and blatant lyrics (i.e. “Everyone I Love is Dead,” and “Creepy Green Light.”), and “Slow, Deep, and Hard”’s thrashy angst. This album, to me, is the ultimate Type O album for this reason.”World Coming Down” also seems to possess Peter Steele’s most saddening lyrics. Even the titles say it all. “Everyone I Love is Dead” can’t get more obviously yet appropriately bitter. My personal favorite is “Everything Dies.” Having faced some sudden and unexpected tragedies in my personal life, I identified immediately with Steele’s reminiscing on his family and friends and how the truth is that we are all going to die. This song had me in a trance for hours, it’s that beautiful, sad, but honest.Honesty goes a long way with Type O, and this has to be the best when it comes to the truth of things. It may not be their best on the whole, but this is one that I’m more likely to listen to before any of the previous albums.

    Posted on March 1, 2010