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World Coming Down

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  • Don’t pay any attention to the Amazon review, just because “World Coming Down” may not be catchy or have enough hooks doesn’t mean it’s no good. Admittedly this isn’t Type O’s best album (that title belongs to “Bloody Kisses”) but it’s not bad at all. The songs are more slower moving than before, but get more and more emotional while spinning tales of lost love, heartbreak, loss, death, and drug addiction. Opening track “Skip It” describes itself perfectly, it’s so annoying you’ll have to skip to track two “White Slavery”, which is a very slow dirge that tends to grate on the nerves after a bit. After that the album mostly goes uphill; “Creepy Green Light”, “Pyretta Blaze”, “Everyone I Love is Dead”, and the excellent “Everything Dies” are the album highlights here, with “Everything Dies” having one of the most dynamic choruses and melodies in all of Type O’s catalog. All in all, “World Coming Down” may not be the best album but Type O, but it’s definitely worth a look.

    Posted on March 1, 2010