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World Coming Down

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  • All of Type O Negative’s albums have been different from the others. Almost as if they pick a theme for the album and go from there. No exception here with World Coming Down. No matter what mood I’m in, I can always find the music to fit my mood with a Type O Negative cd. If I’m in a ticked-off mood, I can listen to Slow, Deep, and Hard, or Origin Of The Feces. If I’m in a generally good mood, I can listen to Bloody Kisses. If I’m feeling lusty and dark, I can listen to October Rust. And, if I feel self-pity and just unhappy about life and the world I have to endure it in, then I can listen to World Coming Down. It may be different for other people, but I think Type O Negative has hit another realm of emotion with this luscious (Doors, Pink Floyd, and Beatles influenced) album. If you have never heard Type O Negative before, I would have to say, “Buy all their cds, because you won’t get the full effect from just one. And you won’t be dissapointed by any of them if you like heavy, dark, sometimes gothic, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always rockin’, music.” I especially like the three tracks that Josh Silver (keyboards) created. “Sinus”, “Liver”, and “Lung” just freak me out. “Lung” sounds like the Grim Reaper calling you on the phone and taking your soul…..creepy!

    Posted on March 1, 2010