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World Downfall

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  • Truthfully, this album is one of the illest grindcore or otherwise albums released in the history of heavy music. The lead in to After War Obliteration just kicks your @ss in, and it is on to nihility from there. I really can’t verbalize how good this album is. Sandoval kills it on the drums and the riffs are hooky and superb as well. One of the greatest parts about this album is it’s ability to cross over. I am not a huge fan of grindcore, I do like Napalm Death, Repulsion, Carcass, and Black Army Jacket, and LOVE intersparsed blastbeats. However, sometimes I find some grind just plain old rehashed. I mean there is a blueprint whether you would like to admit it or not. Blastbeat, poor production, and a guy shouting like he is deaf. The cool thing about this album is the rawness, it kind of reminds me of Beneath the Remains era Sepultura. You have heard grindcore like this because it has been copied, the great thing about this is it’s seminal nature. It was one of the FIRST grind albums. Another cool thing is the hooky, and often groove laden aspect of this album. it just kills from start to finish. Also worth of mention is the fact that this clocks in @ just under 40 minutes which is just about the minimum length I like an album to be. The cover art is cool and makes for an excellent T shirt print. This has got to be one of the top 10 all time albums for me and would definitely be a superb specimen to represent the grind genre. It never gets old. NEVER. I got into this album only 3 months ago, and I am sort of glad I did not back in 87 instead. I feel I would have taken it for granted, as well as kept on looking for albums to match it until today. I really think that older grind is better grind and it’s simplicity should not be held against today’s grind. If you dig Napalm, or go out and buy this, don’t sleep on Repulsion’s Horrified. Relapse did a nice job on the 2 disc (the demo’s are actually listenable!!!) version of thier only album with liner notes and packaging and the price is good too. These albums contain the realness and should not be slept on. GRIND!!!

    Posted on March 5, 2010