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World Painted Blood

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Slayer is the premier thrash metal band on the planet. Since 1983 the band has defined a genre and thrived where many have come and gone. Consistently releasing acclaimed albums and delivering brutal live shows, Slayer is a revered and respected fixture in the hard rock/metal landscape now and forever. World Painted Blood is the most vital and exciting metal release in recent memory. Produced by Greg Fidelman and Executive Produced by Rick Rubin (the same team responsible for Metallica’s Death Magnetic) the songs are intense and performed at a level only reachable by the masters of their craft. From epic statements like the title track and ”Hate Worldwide,” to the fast, punk/thrash outbursts of ”Snuff” and ”Psychopathy Red,” to the dark theater of ”Beauty Through Order” and ”Human Strain” there is nothing backward-looking about World Painted Blood; it’s the sound of a band effortlessly earning their relevance in 2010.

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  • This is why Slayer are still around and are still a real vital force in the metal scene—they continue to put out quality metal music. They’re not just putting out new CDs so they can have an excuse to tour and play the golden oldies.
    World Painted Blood makes Slayer sound just as fresh and important as they did in the 80’s.
    It’s difficult to pick out the best songs on this CD, there are highlights, but really every track is good. This album can really hold it’s own even when compared to the classics; Reign in Blood, South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss…really. I’ve always been a fan of Divine Intervention too, WPB is just as good, maybe better.
    It’s better than Show no Mercy and Hell Awaits. It by far surpasses Diabolus (The only Slayer CD I don’t like a lot). It’s better than Christ Illusion (I like that one too).
    I like the sheer aggression and rawness of God Hates us All, but WPB is better–it has all the aggression plus the old school riffs and melody, the solos, the drumming, the screams…ahhhhhh!!!
    It’s really just the next step of Slayer’s evolution. All the best parts of what they’ve done in the past and little more.
    Whenever one of the big four put out a new album there has to be a comparison, well this release far surpasses Megadaves last release; Endgame.
    Metallica’s Death Magnetic was an improvement for them, but has nowhere near the sheer power and frankly, talent as WPB.
    And Anthrax? Are they even relevant at this point?
    Slayer are the only one of the big 4 that have stayed true to their fans, thier roots, they are thr Thrash Metal Gods.

    Posted on January 20, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • SLAYER has returned with a MONSTER of an album!
    Not that they ever went away, but “World Painted Blood” can take it’s unholy place next to “Reign in Blood”, “South of Heaven” & “Seasons in the Abyss”. The originators of Extreme Metal have returned to claim their Blood Drenched Throne.
    Those people that say they have been in a rut the last few years, just need to listen to this album once–twice–who am I kidding, just leave it in your cd player. Not only have they ditched pro-tools for Dave, but Dave is once again showing why he is the First, the Last & ONLY NAME IN EXTREME THRASH! His drums are thumping & to help with the bone crushing riffs he scaled back to a 9 piece. Tom is back in classic form that was very apparent on “South of Heaven” & “Seasons in the Abyss”, Kerry is well Kerry (we don’t our unholy bald brother to change now do we?) Jeff has returned & what a return–SLAYER is 20 times better when Jeff is heavily involved.
    This is what the follow up to “Seasons” should have been. Once again they show the immitators how the big boys do it.
    Do yourself a favor & buy this album right now, in fact don’t stop with this album, go on a demonic journey until you see yourself throw your horns in the air & scream SLAYER till you lungs bleed.

    Posted on January 20, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Slayer’s new CD sees the band going back more to the song writing styles and variety that brings to mind their 1990 masterpiece “Seasons in the Abyss” and 1994’s underated “Divine Intervention”.
    The album features the same raw and punshing sound as their last release Christ Illusion but with much more variety throughout the just shy of 40 minutes World Painted Blood.

    Guitarist Jeff Hanneman has much more stronger songwriting presence on this album as he was only responsible for 3 songs on Christ Illusion. It always seems that when he’s much more heavily involved in the song writing that the variety in styles reappears on albums. Christ Illusion was pretty much Kerry King’s album and he tends to write in just one style anymore but even he has stepped up his writing on this one.

    I don’t know if it was the fact that much of this album was created in the studio for the first time in their career or what but this album sees the band playing with a vitality that they really haven’t exhibited in spades since 1994’s Divine Intervention.

    And for people complaining about the production, it’s fine. It sounds like a more raw version of the production on Christ Illusion and the guitars have a bit more of a buzz saw sound to them at times. Dave Lombardo’s drums also have a very natural sound on this album which is so good to hear again in this day and age of pro tools digital recording. Tom Araya’s vocals could be a hair higher in the mix on some songs but there’s also some actual singing on here which he really hasn’t done since 1988’s South of Heaven.

    There’s not a bad song on here and the album is super strong from start to finish. If this does for some reason end up being the final Slayer album, it’s a super strong way for this legendary metal band to go out.

    Posted on January 19, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Hmmmm…….there’s been a lot of hype and mostly positive reviews for this album.
    I first got into Slayer back in `86 when “Reign” came out.
    I’ve been a fan ever since. Granted, there have been a few missteps along the way but mostly Slayer has been the one band I could always count on.

    Now that I’ve had time to live with the album for a few days……
    It’s not “Reign In Blood”.
    “RIB” will never and I mean NEVER be replicated.
    I’ve just sort of accepted the fact that like Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” some albums are simply untouchable.
    So how does “World Painted Blood” stack up against the previous Slayer catalog?
    I’d call it a cross between “Reign”, “South”, “Seasons” with the punch to the gut effect of “God Hates Us All”.
    Most of the songs contain a lot of different dynamics, speed variation, etc…
    The tracks I liked?
    World Painted Blood, nice and chuggy. Catchy too.
    Snuff, awesome song, great lead at the start.
    Beauty Through Order, one of the many “surprise” songs on the disc. It starts out slow and I was worried that this one would end up being a throw away but the song slams right into you half way through in a way that only “old” Slayer made me go WOAHHHHH.
    Hate Worldwide, kind of like the title track. Not too fast just nice and chuggy with great riffs.
    Public Display of Dismemberment, FINALLY more blast beats, thank you.
    Psycho Red, classic, vintage Slayer and probably the most “old school” song on the album.
    Human Strain, another shocker. Araya sings…………and does it well. Yeah, I was surprised too.
    He really can sing.
    Not of This God, starts out as your typical Slayer barn burner but mixes things up in the middle saving the track from being a little boring.

    Songs I didn’t care for?
    Unit 731, it may be faster than anything off “Reign” but faster is not always better. Fast but boring.
    Americon, funny lyrics but really didn’t care for the music, to much like Slipknot.
    Playing With Dolls……meh.
    Maybe these three will grow on me the more I listen.

    All in all this disc is really different from what Slayer has done.
    It’s got the speed of “Reign”, the different songs styles of “South” and the power of “Seasons” with a dash of “God Hates” attitude.
    A definite return to form after the VERY disappointing “Christ Illusion”.
    I know there are a million drummers that play faster than Lombardo but he once again proves with this album why faster does not equal better. He simply stuns on this album.
    Kerry’s lead work has definitely improved. He still squeaks and dive bombs but the leads are just thought out so much better.
    Jeff? Perfection as usual.
    Araya? People are complaining that his voice is going.
    You try screaming for thirty years, let’s see what you sound like?
    I think he sounds great, especially on “Psycho Red” at the end, he totally spazzes out.
    All in all, a great disc and a worthy addition to the Slayer legacy.

    My only other complaint seems to be the same as most others.
    The production.
    Who is the dude????
    He ruined Death Magnetic now he did everything he could to ruin this one too.
    The drums are loud and muddy.
    The bass is kinda, sorta out there.
    The guitars are NOT heavy but tiny and squeaky.
    Araya’s voice is the only thing that sounds like it turned out normal.
    Note to Slayer and Metallica, STOP working with this guy.

    The production aside, it’s a first rate Slayer disc.
    Miles better than “Christ”, “Diabolous”.
    I’d put it in between “Seasons” and “God Hates”.
    Let’s face it people, after thirty years we better be grateful Slayer is still around and pretty much destroying all the other bands, new and old.
    “Reign In Blood” will never happen again, that was twenty years ago.
    But this new stuff?
    I’m happy and I’m impressed and I’m glad to have been along for the ride this long, it’s been a blast.
    World Painted Blood comes…..

    Posted on January 19, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • If you’re looking for a Slayer album that rivals all-time classics like Reign in Blood or Seasons in the Abyss, this ain’t it. At the same time, let’s be realistic. This is Slayer 20+ years later. All in all, I think this is a rather good effort.

    *The songs are pretty good. Some are better than others, but I’m not compelled to skip any tracks. From start to finish, this is a solid, consistent recording.

    *It sounds more like pure, classic Slayer than Christ Illusion (though I enjoyed Christ Illusion too, BTW). If you didn’t like Christ Illusion, you’ll like this better but don’t expect to be blown away.

    *It’s Slayer. It sounds like Slayer. It’s good.

    *The production is a mixed bag. Tom’s vocals sound good. Dave’s drums are heavy. The rhythm guitars sound terrible. They’re thin and weak. Producer Greg Fidelman needs to find a new career. He’s worthless.

    *The riffs, while generally good, aren’t particularly complex. On a technical level, everything can be played with one guitar. I wonder if this is a product of Jeff and Kerry writing songs separately these days. Neither seem to write song with dual-riffing in mind anymore.

    *Even when Jeff and Kerry play the same riff simultaneously, it still sounds like one guitar due to the weak production. Did I mention that Greg Fidelman’s worthless?

    Overall, this is a good album by Slayer circa 2009. Any Slayer fan with reasonable expectations will enjoy it. Can it live up to the band’s classic releases? Of course not! The Slayer of today can’t possibly play with the strength and power of the Slayer of twenty years ago. That said, Slayer can still deliver the goods. Just don’t expect the goods to be as in good condition as they were 20 years ago.

    Posted on January 19, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now