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World Painted Blood

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  • Hmmmm…….there’s been a lot of hype and mostly positive reviews for this album.
    I first got into Slayer back in `86 when “Reign” came out.
    I’ve been a fan ever since. Granted, there have been a few missteps along the way but mostly Slayer has been the one band I could always count on.

    Now that I’ve had time to live with the album for a few days……
    It’s not “Reign In Blood”.
    “RIB” will never and I mean NEVER be replicated.
    I’ve just sort of accepted the fact that like Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” some albums are simply untouchable.
    So how does “World Painted Blood” stack up against the previous Slayer catalog?
    I’d call it a cross between “Reign”, “South”, “Seasons” with the punch to the gut effect of “God Hates Us All”.
    Most of the songs contain a lot of different dynamics, speed variation, etc…
    The tracks I liked?
    World Painted Blood, nice and chuggy. Catchy too.
    Snuff, awesome song, great lead at the start.
    Beauty Through Order, one of the many “surprise” songs on the disc. It starts out slow and I was worried that this one would end up being a throw away but the song slams right into you half way through in a way that only “old” Slayer made me go WOAHHHHH.
    Hate Worldwide, kind of like the title track. Not too fast just nice and chuggy with great riffs.
    Public Display of Dismemberment, FINALLY more blast beats, thank you.
    Psycho Red, classic, vintage Slayer and probably the most “old school” song on the album.
    Human Strain, another shocker. Araya sings…………and does it well. Yeah, I was surprised too.
    He really can sing.
    Not of This God, starts out as your typical Slayer barn burner but mixes things up in the middle saving the track from being a little boring.

    Songs I didn’t care for?
    Unit 731, it may be faster than anything off “Reign” but faster is not always better. Fast but boring.
    Americon, funny lyrics but really didn’t care for the music, to much like Slipknot.
    Playing With Dolls……meh.
    Maybe these three will grow on me the more I listen.

    All in all this disc is really different from what Slayer has done.
    It’s got the speed of “Reign”, the different songs styles of “South” and the power of “Seasons” with a dash of “God Hates” attitude.
    A definite return to form after the VERY disappointing “Christ Illusion”.
    I know there are a million drummers that play faster than Lombardo but he once again proves with this album why faster does not equal better. He simply stuns on this album.
    Kerry’s lead work has definitely improved. He still squeaks and dive bombs but the leads are just thought out so much better.
    Jeff? Perfection as usual.
    Araya? People are complaining that his voice is going.
    You try screaming for thirty years, let’s see what you sound like?
    I think he sounds great, especially on “Psycho Red” at the end, he totally spazzes out.
    All in all, a great disc and a worthy addition to the Slayer legacy.

    My only other complaint seems to be the same as most others.
    The production.
    Who is the dude????
    He ruined Death Magnetic now he did everything he could to ruin this one too.
    The drums are loud and muddy.
    The bass is kinda, sorta out there.
    The guitars are NOT heavy but tiny and squeaky.
    Araya’s voice is the only thing that sounds like it turned out normal.
    Note to Slayer and Metallica, STOP working with this guy.

    The production aside, it’s a first rate Slayer disc.
    Miles better than “Christ”, “Diabolous”.
    I’d put it in between “Seasons” and “God Hates”.
    Let’s face it people, after thirty years we better be grateful Slayer is still around and pretty much destroying all the other bands, new and old.
    “Reign In Blood” will never happen again, that was twenty years ago.
    But this new stuff?
    I’m happy and I’m impressed and I’m glad to have been along for the ride this long, it’s been a blast.
    World Painted Blood comes…..

    Posted on January 19, 2010