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World Painted Blood

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  • Slayer’s new CD sees the band going back more to the song writing styles and variety that brings to mind their 1990 masterpiece “Seasons in the Abyss” and 1994’s underated “Divine Intervention”.
    The album features the same raw and punshing sound as their last release Christ Illusion but with much more variety throughout the just shy of 40 minutes World Painted Blood.

    Guitarist Jeff Hanneman has much more stronger songwriting presence on this album as he was only responsible for 3 songs on Christ Illusion. It always seems that when he’s much more heavily involved in the song writing that the variety in styles reappears on albums. Christ Illusion was pretty much Kerry King’s album and he tends to write in just one style anymore but even he has stepped up his writing on this one.

    I don’t know if it was the fact that much of this album was created in the studio for the first time in their career or what but this album sees the band playing with a vitality that they really haven’t exhibited in spades since 1994’s Divine Intervention.

    And for people complaining about the production, it’s fine. It sounds like a more raw version of the production on Christ Illusion and the guitars have a bit more of a buzz saw sound to them at times. Dave Lombardo’s drums also have a very natural sound on this album which is so good to hear again in this day and age of pro tools digital recording. Tom Araya’s vocals could be a hair higher in the mix on some songs but there’s also some actual singing on here which he really hasn’t done since 1988’s South of Heaven.

    There’s not a bad song on here and the album is super strong from start to finish. If this does for some reason end up being the final Slayer album, it’s a super strong way for this legendary metal band to go out.

    Posted on January 19, 2010