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World Painted Blood

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  • This is why Slayer are still around and are still a real vital force in the metal scene—they continue to put out quality metal music. They’re not just putting out new CDs so they can have an excuse to tour and play the golden oldies.
    World Painted Blood makes Slayer sound just as fresh and important as they did in the 80’s.
    It’s difficult to pick out the best songs on this CD, there are highlights, but really every track is good. This album can really hold it’s own even when compared to the classics; Reign in Blood, South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss…really. I’ve always been a fan of Divine Intervention too, WPB is just as good, maybe better.
    It’s better than Show no Mercy and Hell Awaits. It by far surpasses Diabolus (The only Slayer CD I don’t like a lot). It’s better than Christ Illusion (I like that one too).
    I like the sheer aggression and rawness of God Hates us All, but WPB is better–it has all the aggression plus the old school riffs and melody, the solos, the drumming, the screams…ahhhhhh!!!
    It’s really just the next step of Slayer’s evolution. All the best parts of what they’ve done in the past and little more.
    Whenever one of the big four put out a new album there has to be a comparison, well this release far surpasses Megadaves last release; Endgame.
    Metallica’s Death Magnetic was an improvement for them, but has nowhere near the sheer power and frankly, talent as WPB.
    And Anthrax? Are they even relevant at this point?
    Slayer are the only one of the big 4 that have stayed true to their fans, thier roots, they are thr Thrash Metal Gods.

    Posted on January 20, 2010