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Worlds Apart

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Saga’s breakthrough album in North America from 1981 produced by Rupert Hine. Featuring Jim Gilmour on keyboards. Remastered 2003 version includes the video bonus track ’Wind Him Up’. Steamhammer.

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  • Few casual fans of Saga knew that they were actually a Canadian based band. While this keyboard dominated high-energy rock outfit played to thousands at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, they were more of an afterthought in North America. “Worlds Apart” was the peak of the bands popularity in the United States, with “On The Loose” reaching the top 40 and gaining regular rotation on MTV. The followup single “Wind Him Up”, did not fare as well, although classic rockers in Canada such as CHEZ 106 (Ottawa) and CHOM 97.7 (Montreal) still occasionally play it.
    The band sound is heavily dominated by syntheziers, as lead singer Michael Sadler, Jim Gilmour, and bassist Jim Crichton all take turns on the keyboards. Very gifted musically, the bands signature sound is the guitar-keyboard synchopated solos. Always on the cutting edge of technology, the recording was done in digital format, and features a heavy dose of PPGs and Moogs. “Worlds Apart” is no doubt their finest hour, and is perhaps their only substantial mark on North American audiences.

    Posted on December 14, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This was Saga’s big splash. Here it is remastered. It has the two songs played most on the USA radio on it On the Loose and Wind Him Up. The track order is slightly different from the other version I have of it. Time’s Up is in the second slot insteade of Wind Him Up. The remastering allows it to be cranked a little louder than previous versions. The weakest song on it is Amensia but it still is a pretty good song. All in an excellent effort. The video for Wind Him Up was shot live in Montreal in 1984. I still think Silent Knight is their best cd.

    Posted on December 14, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • In the history of the band Saga, this album must rank as the best representation of what the band is about. Their fourth album, it comes after three very progressive albums, and is sort of at the crossroads with the albums that would follow it. It has a more modern and powerful production than the first three albums, but still contains elements of the earliest progressive sound. The popularity of songs On the Loose and Wind Him Up brought name recognition in the US. Accompanying videos also helped. There are other great songs also such as Framed, Time’s Up, and No Stranger.If you are new to Saga, this is the album to start off with.

    Posted on December 14, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Bought Worlds Apart initially in the cassette format. I wore the darn thing out I played it so much. So in the mid to late eighies when I got my first cd player Worlds Apart was one of the first three cds I bought. It to this day is my favorite musical recording by any artist.Purchased the remaster version a couple months back and the sound quality is superb.You probably remember On The Loose and Wind Him Up if you are reading this review. And if you have not yet bought this cd SHAME ON YOU. If you don’t own any other Saga recordings this is the one to get you started. It was there fourth release, and they are still doing it to this day. Lost track of how many cds they actually have.My favorite tracks are about all of them. No weak ones. But I would say after On The Loose and Wind Him Up I probably like Amnesia best. It was the third single off the LP. If you haven’t seen the video you must get Saga’s dvd. All videos are included (minus Only Time Will Tell of Wildest Dreams) and that will definitely give you a great overview of all of Saga’s music.But while we are on this cd, go out and get it. Also included on the remastered cd is the video for Wind Him Up – a very nice bonus. Enjoy!

    Posted on December 14, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • SAGA…one of the most progressive and underrated bands of our time. Listen to “Wind Him Up” and “On The Loose” on this CD and I guarantee you will ask yourself, “I remember these songs! Whatever happened to those guys?” Well, they’re still around and they are still making great music but unfortunately radio stations no longer play intelligent, riveting, songs anymore. So, if you’re into groups like Kansas, Asia, Rush, Styx, or Yes, a new dimension of music awaits you…SAGA!

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