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Worlds Apart

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  • Bought Worlds Apart initially in the cassette format. I wore the darn thing out I played it so much. So in the mid to late eighies when I got my first cd player Worlds Apart was one of the first three cds I bought. It to this day is my favorite musical recording by any artist.Purchased the remaster version a couple months back and the sound quality is superb.You probably remember On The Loose and Wind Him Up if you are reading this review. And if you have not yet bought this cd SHAME ON YOU. If you don’t own any other Saga recordings this is the one to get you started. It was there fourth release, and they are still doing it to this day. Lost track of how many cds they actually have.My favorite tracks are about all of them. No weak ones. But I would say after On The Loose and Wind Him Up I probably like Amnesia best. It was the third single off the LP. If you haven’t seen the video you must get Saga’s dvd. All videos are included (minus Only Time Will Tell of Wildest Dreams) and that will definitely give you a great overview of all of Saga’s music.But while we are on this cd, go out and get it. Also included on the remastered cd is the video for Wind Him Up – a very nice bonus. Enjoy!

    Posted on December 14, 2009