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Worlds Collide

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  • I love this cd, Apocalyptica has come a long way. I am extremely disappointed in the guest vocal tracks, even though I am a fan of 3 of the 4 vocalists.

    The vocal tracks really kill the flow for me and they bring down Apocalyptica’s potential. The vocal tracks are less dynamic and the lyrics are either hit or miss, they are a miss with me. Cristina Scabbia has a beautiful voice and I was thrilled to see that she contributed, but the song is too simple and the lyrics aren’t very poetic. I couldn’t even post the lyrics that bug me here for a reason. When I thought of the combination I had hoped for something much better. The only vocal track that seems to work for me is “Helden” featuring Till Lindemann and it’s just a cover of “Heroes” by the Wallflowers.

    The album is still great, I still gave it 4 stars for a reason. It’s absolutely beautiful metal, I just wish there was more Apocalyptica and less awkward guest vocal tracks that seem to hold them down creatively.

    Posted on February 13, 2010