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Worlds Collide

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  • I’ve been a fan of the Finnish Metal-cellists since “Plays Metallica”. Who can forget the first time they heard “Enter Sandman” from the Black Album and then to have that reimagined by these guys and still make the hair stand up on the back of your neck? Genius. Their self-titled ‘debut’ a few years ago now was amazing, showcasing another side to these re-inventionists. A few albums later, and the idea of Apocalyptica, while possibly at the right place at the right time (nu-metal clutters the airways) feels a tad worn. It’s too bad that this band didn’t really catch on until this popular wave. I would’ve much rather had these guys at the forfront of a movement than just being one of the many, many voices that now define the current musical trends.

    It’s not that ‘Worlds Collide’ is a bad album, its just not stunning, IMO. The vocalists, while popular, don’t do justice to the overall feel of Apocalyptica and yet I wouldn’t be surprised if your average musical consumer doesn’t regard these songs as the best part of this album. To each their own.

    Posted on February 13, 2010