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Worse Than Alone

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  • Most people, including myself hate to see a band change so drastically over its career. With that said I can see how some would consider “Worse Than Alone” a disappointment. However for me this is not the case! I really like the new number 12 style. It is technical and very diverse. There classic number 12 heavy and grind parts and new jazzy parts fused into this album. As musicians, the number 12 are at their peak on this album. Jon Karel is one of the best drummers around these days. I think that “Worse than Alone” is great but not as great as “Mongrel.” I think this album has just a little too much structure and simple (relatively speaking of course) rythums at times. If you like bands that fuse death metal, grind, Jazz, Latin and alternative rock, then you will probably enjoy this album.

    Posted on January 21, 2010