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Worship Me or Die

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  • Debut album from American guitarist vocalist Katherine Thomas, originally released in 1987. A mix of glam and thrash metal that stands as the total opposition to what is know as “Thinking Man’s metal”. Exaggerating vocals, childish lyrics, undisciplined guitar shredding, and very little cohesion within song arrangements. If you are very serious about your music this album is very likely to stand as an insult to your intelligence, still if you have already heard/collected just about every 80s metal record you could consider buying this. This is so ridiculous that it’s almost fun.

    “Power Play” magazine (issue 94) marks this album with 2/10 commenting: “Her vocals are absolutely diabolical; her playing is sloppier than a Dutch blwjb… Avoid like the plague my friends”

    Posted on December 23, 2009