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Wrath (Deluxe)

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  • What more do fans want? If LOG branches sharply into new musical directions, they’ll be chopped down for selling out, and if they stay exactly the same, they’ll be accused of repeating a formula.

    This disc leans toward the latter, but not so much that it’s routine. In fact, I consider the production on this disc to be among of the current benchmarks in the genre–crisp and heavy, front-and-center, sharp around the edges, state-of-the-art thrash.

    Randy Blythe nails his vocals too, and they’re mixed in like a fifth instrument, giving the songs a collective sonic weight.

    As always, the musicianship is top notch here, especially the guitar playing, and of course, the drums. I consider Chris Adler to be the Neil Peart of… well, his playing defies genre. He’s just amazing to listen to.

    If I had to pick one song to highlight, I’d say “Contractor” and its head-crushing 25 second break toward the end. I’ll never get tired of listening to that.

    Posted on March 13, 2010