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  • This review can really apply to any of this awesome band’s albums. First of all I might comment that they do have a somewhat odd name, which is certainly NOT reflective of the terrifying brutality of their music, and especially where some mindless souls can actually be misled. I can’t forget reading a weird review somewhere by some poor idiot who picked up one of their CDs because he thought they were a ‘Christian metal band’(!), but was horribly disillusioned because ‘the singer sounded too angry to love Jesus…’ – kind of sad yet hilarious at the same time. Anyway to get to the bottom line, which is their music, it kicks major a**!. If you like your metal done hard, heavy and brutal, this band is an ideal starting point. Definitely one of the most QUALITY American metal bands of the new millennium! I’ve heard about the comparisons to Pantera, whose influence I’ve definitely detected in their music, yet while listening further, I’ve also heard strong influences from every other metal genre that ever turned me on! This includes thrash metal with traces of 80’s Metallica, Slayer, Exodus and others, as well as death metal reminiscent of most major brutal death metal pioneers of the 90’s (Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Death etc. etc.) in addition to their own unique style of course. In other words, a mish-mash of everything good from the world of extreme metal. Vocalist Randy Blythe both screams and growls, which I consider quite unique and very well done. The guitars are meaty, sharp, ultra-distorted and just plain HEAVY. Although I would appreciate some more guitar solos, the overall structure of their sound doesn’t make you miss them very much. As a long-time metal fan, I must admit that I have recently ‘discovered’ Lamb of God’s music after which I promptly added their entire CD output to my music collection, and I’m glad that I did!. The way it looks now, these guys will definitely not let you down. Metal fans, pick up ‘Wrath’ or any of their earlier albums with confidence, crank’em up and enjoy!

    Posted on February 5, 2010