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  • This is a good release from a band that gets a lot of negative criticism for sparking the new American metal movement. I have always enjoyed this band and their previous releases. Wrath is a good album but it doesn’t progress much from Sacrament and it sounds like a typical Lamb Of God release. This isn’t necessarily bad but some people may get tired of their repetitive sounds. I do not get tired of this band though. I can recommend this album to old and new Lamb Of God fans alike. It may not be as good as their Burn The Priest days but it certainly isn’t bad.

    I gave the album a 4 our of 5 as the band has stuck with their formula for a long time now. Many bands in the metal genre do this just so they don’t alienate their fanbase. This is fine but I prefer it when bands naturally progress and their sound changes (even if the change is slight).

    Posted on February 5, 2010