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  • Prior to “Ashes of the Wake” you knew what you were getting from LOG which is an your face hardcore sound with awesome new school thrash guitar riffs and Randy’s relentless vocals. Up to this point all of their albums had many signature songs that you can bang your head to. “Ashes of the Wake” represented their milestone great album where all the songs were catchy and aggressive resulting in one signature winnner after another that will live in infamy. “Sacrament” was a slight decline with not as many catchy homerun singles but, still had a couple of winners like “Walk with me in Hell” and “Redneck”.. I can’t find one signature single in this album that I can call a true winner.. I dont hear the same edge that they had in their prior stuff, it just seems bland in comparison. Certain songs have their moments but, they never reach that great climax we come to expect from LOG.. nevertheless a solid album but, not up to standard. I guess LOG finally hit their wall where they’ve gone as far as they can go or maybe their trying to hard to reinvent themselves that they lost their edge? I’ll give this 3-1/2 stars.

    Posted on February 5, 2010