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Wrecking Your Neck

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  • It is not that often that i agree with a person who has reviewed a CD. But, I have to say. I completely agree with these 2 that I read. Over Kill is the most intense band ever. I was lucky enough to see them live. And I must say, I was never more swept away by music. I have seen concert footage from the day when Over Kill played to 15,000 people. And been in the crowd for only 1,500. And Bobby “Blitz” is the exact same in both cases. Never stops, never quits. He screems like there are 200,000 people begging for him to make them hear it! And when most band’s like Metalligreed would have cancelled. He went in and killed the crowd with ear crushing screams, and thunderous growls. The only negative thing i could ever say about them is this… ” please for the love of god, get rid of Joe Comeau” He is really holding them back. I am going to purchase this CD again. For the simple fact that I wore my first one out!

    Posted on November 22, 2009