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  • 1. This music is not for the soft hearted.
    2. The tracks elicit wanton desires.
    3. This music is pre-QOTSA and is not trendy.
    4. The band line up is no where as important as the music.
    5. The band line up is very, very cool indeed.

    What’s going on here is groove metal at it’s finest. This music is stylistic in all it’s glory, giving you some solid sounds from the wayward desert side.

    The guitar drawls and the rhythym is like a steady rip tide of slash & thrash. Snug angry music, the sort of inspiration a young soul needs to DTB (DTB apply’s to both genders). I believe this album is best enjoyed pool side with the carnĂ© grilln and the ladies serving up the margaritas.

    *Band Line up:
    Brant Bjork!! on drums.
    Josh Homme!! on guitar.
    Nick Oliveri!! on bass.
    John Garcia!! on vocals.
    Chris Cockrell!! on bass.
    Mixed by Kris Fuhrman.
    Mixed by Michael Mikulka.
    Mastered by Carol Hibbs.
    Produced by Catherine Enny, Ron Krown & Kyuss.

    Posted on March 12, 2010