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WWE: The Music, vol. 8

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CD AUDIO SIDE: Entire Album DVD SIDE: * Entire album in enhanced LPCM Stereo * The film The Story of Back in Black, featuring interviews with the band, archival footage, and in-studio performances of ”Hells Bells,” ”You Shook Me All Night Long,” ”Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution,” ”Shoot to Thrill,” and more * Discography This disc is intended to play on standard DVD and CD players. May not play on a limited number of models.Most critics complain Back in Black, the album AC/DC recorded after the death of their original lead screamer Bon Scott, is ridiculously juvenile, obvious, snickering, bludgeoning, derivative, single-minded about sex and booze, a big cartoon. All true, of course, and–on rock ’n’ ragers like ”What Do You Do For Money Honey,” ”You Shook Me All Night Long,” and the title track–all great. As Scott’s replacement Brian Johnson reminds us, loud and crunchy, no-holds-barred ”rock and roll ain’t noise pollution…it makes good, good sense.” Never trust anyone who refuses to drink domestic beer, laugh at the Three Stooges, or crank Back in Black. –David Cantwell

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  • Well i think people on here are expecting next year’s Grammy award winning album. Here is the deal about the CD from a wrestling fan to another, The CD is good. Most of the themes are currently being used by the wrestlers. These wrestlers are: Jeff hardy, Kofi, Beth Phoenix, Mark Henry, Hawkins & Ryder, ECW brand, Jesse & Festus, Candice Michelle, Shelton Benjamin, Mr.Kennedy and John Morrison. So if you dig their actual entrance themes well thats exactly what you are getting.The few songs that are not “covers” but newly recorded versions are cool too. Y2J’s theme on this CD is slower but rockin’ and pretty heavy. Theory Of A Dead man’s version of Vince’s theme is awesome too. As far the WWE holding off to give us better themes, which superstar out there has a theme we don’t already have? The CD is great for WWE fans of the music.

    Posted on January 31, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • A good wwe cd but the sound quality was bad on some songs. Manly track 5 enetitled in the middle of it now. But I personally love track No chance in hell by theory of a deadman, The ECW theme by slavia featuring Brent Smith of Shinedown. And of course turn up the trouble by AIRBourne.

    Posted on January 31, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • i love anything about the wwe. but this cd sucked big time. i’m hoping wwe the music volume 9 is 100 percent better then this last one was. the sound was low and just didnt sound like a wwe theme cd. i wouldnt tell no one to buy this cd.

    Posted on January 31, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • First of all, I don’t like the inexpensive cardboard CD folder.

    As for the songs, I was surprised by how enjoyable Kofi’s song is. The ECW theme is clearly the best song on the CD, but I have often questioned why they chose this theme for ECW.

    I would have rather had Jeff Hardy’s original Hardy Boyz theme and Chris Jericho’s current theme, similar to what is found on WWE The Music 4 and Anthology. I also like Kennedy’s previous version more than the version on this CD.

    This CD features so-so covers of McMahon’s theme, Shelton’s theme, Jericho’s theme, and Kennedy’s theme, which now lacks Kennedy’s “MR KENNEDY!!! voicover.

    Overall, it is an ok CD. I think they should have waited a little longer and given us better, more original themes with less cover songs.

    Posted on January 31, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • When I picked this up, I knew there would be some good tracks and some bad ones. And boy was I right. The tracks that I liked was Jeff Hardy, Kofi Kingston, the ECW theme, Shelton Benjamin, and Mr. Kennedy. However the tracks I was wondering of how in the hell did these make it were Mark Henry(didn’t he just have a theme on Wreckless Intent), Jillian, and sadly the Y2J theme. Overall, I would pick this up to add to my collection. One theme I would have put on here is Umaga’s.

    Posted on January 30, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now