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WWE: The Music, vol. 8

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  • First of all, I don’t like the inexpensive cardboard CD folder.

    As for the songs, I was surprised by how enjoyable Kofi’s song is. The ECW theme is clearly the best song on the CD, but I have often questioned why they chose this theme for ECW.

    I would have rather had Jeff Hardy’s original Hardy Boyz theme and Chris Jericho’s current theme, similar to what is found on WWE The Music 4 and Anthology. I also like Kennedy’s previous version more than the version on this CD.

    This CD features so-so covers of McMahon’s theme, Shelton’s theme, Jericho’s theme, and Kennedy’s theme, which now lacks Kennedy’s “MR KENNEDY!!! voicover.

    Overall, it is an ok CD. I think they should have waited a little longer and given us better, more original themes with less cover songs.

    Posted on January 31, 2010