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WWE Wreckless Intent

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  • Don’t know what they’re talking about.

    1: Stop calling Desiree Jackson’s song Candice’s theme. It’s not. It’s Krystal’s theme. Candice’s theme is that “Let Me Show You What Love Is”. I know the CD case may reference it as Candice’s, but it’s not.

    2: 3-6 Mafia was always wack, not just on this CD.

    3: Silkk The Shocker’s song is decent FOR HIS STYLE. No, I don’t know why it was included on this CD either, but it’s a decent song based on how he raps.

    Now, that said, I like:

    HHH – King of Kings: this is just an awesome song for HHH. I don’t like the song otherwise, but it fits when watching him walk down the aisle. Too bad DX makes it where we won’t hear it any more.

    Rey Mysterio: Sounded better when he did it himself. This one sounds too erratic.

    Orton: Excellent, but I still think he should have Evolution’s theme as his own. It fit his arrogance better.

    Batista: I liked the instrumental old version better BUT I like the new version for the new Batista. It fits him as a top tier superstar. Not by itself though.

    Coach: Now this song I like. Not because it fits him, but because the beat is hot.

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  • This album isn’t that bad. I use to like it alot better when they contained entrance music that you are accustomed to hearing, rather than ones that are going to be played after the album’s release. When the old WWE “The Music” albums came out, the majority of the songs on there were ones that you could listen to and immediately idenfity who’s music it was. I don’t like the idea of having to read the back of the cover to see what I’m listening to. I’m just old school I guess…

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  • 1)Saliva – I Walk Alone (Batista) This song is good. It’s way better than what we hear on TV. Fits Batista well. 8/10

    2)Mercy Drive – Burn In My Light (Randy Orton) AWESOME!! My favorite song. It fits Randy well, and is a great song by itself. And finally we get the full version, rather than the shortened one on TV. 10/10

    3)Homebwoi – Hard Hittin’ (Coach) Bad, i hate it. It doesnt fit Coaches character. He is never on TV anyway. 2/10

    4)Brand New Sin – Crank It Up (Big Show) Similar to his old theme- but better. It doesn’t do anything for me, but I suppose it’s ok, it of course fits Show. 6/10

    5)Desiree Jackson – Holla (Candice)I’ve never even listened to the whole one- I don’t want to. Its a little creepy actually! I reallly wanted Candice’s current theme to be on here. Kelly Kelly used this at SNME, so maybe it’s hers now- hopefully!3/10

    6)Eleventh Hour – A Girl Like That (Torrie Wilson) I love this song!! It;s catchy, and fits Torrie well. I thought Need A Little Time was the best, but after listening to this, A Girl Like That is much better.This song is awesome! 10/10

    7)Kaballon – Quien Soy Yo (Who I Am) (Carlito) Um, I dont think that this fits Carlito very well; other than the fact that theres spanish! I don’t like it. 3/10

    8)Theory Of A Deadman – Deadly Game (No Way Out 2006) I like this song! The beginning is cool; so is the rest of the song. I could see this as a superstars theme song. 8/10

    9)Silkk The Shocker – I’m Comin [3:33] I dont like it. I hate the clocks in the beginng. To most, its a great rap song, but I just dont like it. 3/10

    10)Shadows Fall – Fury Of The Storm (Rob Van Dam) This is worth skipping. Its kinda like his old one only Hardcore! Still sucks!4/10

    11)Three 6 Mafia – Some Bodies Gonna Get It (Mark Henry) Another rap track.Doesnt fit Henry and is boring and reapeats itself. Doesnt seem like a WWE Theme song more like a rap song and just a rap song.2/10

    12)Zebrahead – With Legs Like That (Maria) Doesn’t seem like a Maria song, but it’s still good. I expected more on this cd, there aren’t much good songs! Maria should get a different song; ASAP!!All in all an ok track. 6/10

    13)Killswitch Engage – This Fire Burns (Judgment Day 2006)Speedy matal [...] When Randy used this song one night on SD! I was really scared that that might be his new song. 4/10

    14)P.O.D. – Booyaka 619 (Rey Mysterio)It’s a little different than the TV version. This song is good. And the beat is good too. It fits him, an overall great song. i personally, like his old song, but thats just me. 7/10

    15)Moțrhead РKing Of Kings (Triple H) This song is awesome! Moțrhead never fails for the WWE. The Game song was getting old. This is new and fresh- and;)Anywho, this fits HHH great, with his King of Kings thing. 9/10

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  • This CD is exelent!!! If you like rock and roll and wrestling then I recomend you get this CD. In my opinion their are only 3 bad songs on this CD unless you like rap.

    I Walk Alone- a exelent track! the beginning is a little different from Batista’s original theme but is still great.

    Burn In My Light- A good song but it could be better. 8/10

    Hard Hittin’- this song isn’t that good. I hate it. 2/10

    Crank It Up- this song is good but is way slower than the original. 5/10

    Holla- this song is good but it gets anoying to listen to after a while. 6/10

    A Girl Like That- this song is very good i liked it alot! 9/10

    Quien Soy Yo(Who I Am)- words cannot discribe how bad this song is. 0/10

    Deadly game- this song is exelent and is very original.

    I’m commin’- this song is terrible. 1/10

    Fury of the storm- this song is better than the original and it suits RVD perfectly!! 10/10

    Some Bodies Gonna Get It- this song is terible. all they do is say the same verse over and over. 1/10

    With Legs Like That- this song is great. 8/10

    This Fire Burns- this song is exeptional and is a great Jugement Day theme!! 10/10

    Booyaka 619- this song is great and better that the original. 10/10

    King Of Kings- this song is not as good as his real theme song but is still exelent. 9/10

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  • If you’re a true fan of the wrestling entrance themes and especially of “good music”, this CD is definately a steer-clear of. Although there are some rather nice tunes, the majority of the disc is mostly filler by ne’er-do-wells, neophytes, and a few veterans trying for another big hit.

    The first thing I noticed as a recurring theme throughout the CD was the abysmal quality of these particular songs. I do not know who is responsible for the CD’s mastering or re-mastering, but whoever it is should be fired. Audible throughout quite a few songs are clicks and pops from the high noise level they seem to have been recorded at, in and of itself a big no-no. Most noticable during Brand New Sin’s “Crank It Up”, around 1:35 into “Burn In My Light” from Mercy Drive, and the quality errors rear their ugly heads in “Fury of the Storm” and “I Walk Alone” as well. In 2006, a multi-billion dollar corporation simply has no logical and/or acceptable reason not to have the highest of quality in their production. For that reason alone, this couldn’t get a high rating from me. I’ve heard cassette tapes that had superior sound, and yes I’ve checked several CD’s from friends as well to ensure it wasn’t one poor copy. Inexcusable!

    The songs themselves can impress, but the diversity of the bands makes the CD difficult to totally enjoy. For the metal crowd, a smattering of Motorhead and Killswitch Engage, while the hip-hop crowd can enjoy Silkk the Shocker, Three 6 Mafia, and Desiree Jackson. A hybrid rock-country beat surrounds the remake of “Crank It Up” by Brand New Sin, and alternative rock fans will probably like Zebrahead’s “With Legs Like That” and Eleventh Hour’s “A Girl Like That”. There’s even a Latin hip-hop offering from Kaballon entitled “Quien Soy Yo(Who I Am)”, and the hybrid rap-rock band P.O.D throws in some Spanish to record “Booyaka 619″, a remake of Rey Mysterio’s theme. So while there is something for nearly everybody, there isn’t always an abundance of tunes in that particular category. I found quite a few to fall flat, but the CD to me was saved by the aggressive Killswitch Engage’s “This Fire Burns”, easily my favorite. I also enjoyed the actual version of “Burn In My Light” by Mercy Drive, used by Randy Orton.

    As far as an overall grade goes, there are some memorable tunes (KE, Motorhead), some decent (Theory of a Dead Man, Shadows Fall), and some intolerable (Homebwoi, Kaballon) although I’m sure many will disagree on the exact choices. That’s the problem: The entire CD seems to have been made to please everybody, but you should know by now it is impossible! I preferred the seperation of “Aggression”, the WWE’s offering back when they remained WWF as the rap/hip-hop alternative, and “Forceable Entry”, which was mostly heavy metal and hard rock. Some of these songs are actual theme songs, some of these have been used just to promote the CD, others probably will be used as wrestler themes full time or have already been used once (Randy Orton’s use of “This Fire Burns” on SmackDown several months before this CD release) but overall, you can’t please everybody and when you try, you get an eclectic collection that generally pleases you somewhat but leaves you wanting more so the next genre can take over. Poor production, a few very questionable choices, and a lack of tracks (51 minutes for 15 songs?) outweigh the good. I’m giving this two stars, mostly from the production aspect. I have to agree with Aranash on the review with his comments on specific songs and Brinsmaid about how this is the worst CD they have put out yet, although Anthology’s chopped up songs and horribly mastered Disc 1 ranks up there. By now, however, we all should know better than to expect something special from Johnston and friends!

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