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WWE Wreckless Intent

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  • This CD is exelent!!! If you like rock and roll and wrestling then I recomend you get this CD. In my opinion their are only 3 bad songs on this CD unless you like rap.

    I Walk Alone- a exelent track! the beginning is a little different from Batista’s original theme but is still great.

    Burn In My Light- A good song but it could be better. 8/10

    Hard Hittin’- this song isn’t that good. I hate it. 2/10

    Crank It Up- this song is good but is way slower than the original. 5/10

    Holla- this song is good but it gets anoying to listen to after a while. 6/10

    A Girl Like That- this song is very good i liked it alot! 9/10

    Quien Soy Yo(Who I Am)- words cannot discribe how bad this song is. 0/10

    Deadly game- this song is exelent and is very original.

    I’m commin’- this song is terrible. 1/10

    Fury of the storm- this song is better than the original and it suits RVD perfectly!! 10/10

    Some Bodies Gonna Get It- this song is terible. all they do is say the same verse over and over. 1/10

    With Legs Like That- this song is great. 8/10

    This Fire Burns- this song is exeptional and is a great Jugement Day theme!! 10/10

    Booyaka 619- this song is great and better that the original. 10/10

    King Of Kings- this song is not as good as his real theme song but is still exelent. 9/10

    Posted on February 14, 2010