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WWE Wreckless Intent

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  • 1)Saliva – I Walk Alone (Batista) This song is good. It’s way better than what we hear on TV. Fits Batista well. 8/10

    2)Mercy Drive – Burn In My Light (Randy Orton) AWESOME!! My favorite song. It fits Randy well, and is a great song by itself. And finally we get the full version, rather than the shortened one on TV. 10/10

    3)Homebwoi – Hard Hittin’ (Coach) Bad, i hate it. It doesnt fit Coaches character. He is never on TV anyway. 2/10

    4)Brand New Sin – Crank It Up (Big Show) Similar to his old theme- but better. It doesn’t do anything for me, but I suppose it’s ok, it of course fits Show. 6/10

    5)Desiree Jackson – Holla (Candice)I’ve never even listened to the whole one- I don’t want to. Its a little creepy actually! I reallly wanted Candice’s current theme to be on here. Kelly Kelly used this at SNME, so maybe it’s hers now- hopefully!3/10

    6)Eleventh Hour – A Girl Like That (Torrie Wilson) I love this song!! It;s catchy, and fits Torrie well. I thought Need A Little Time was the best, but after listening to this, A Girl Like That is much better.This song is awesome! 10/10

    7)Kaballon – Quien Soy Yo (Who I Am) (Carlito) Um, I dont think that this fits Carlito very well; other than the fact that theres spanish! I don’t like it. 3/10

    8)Theory Of A Deadman – Deadly Game (No Way Out 2006) I like this song! The beginning is cool; so is the rest of the song. I could see this as a superstars theme song. 8/10

    9)Silkk The Shocker – I’m Comin [3:33] I dont like it. I hate the clocks in the beginng. To most, its a great rap song, but I just dont like it. 3/10

    10)Shadows Fall – Fury Of The Storm (Rob Van Dam) This is worth skipping. Its kinda like his old one only Hardcore! Still sucks!4/10

    11)Three 6 Mafia – Some Bodies Gonna Get It (Mark Henry) Another rap track.Doesnt fit Henry and is boring and reapeats itself. Doesnt seem like a WWE Theme song more like a rap song and just a rap song.2/10

    12)Zebrahead – With Legs Like That (Maria) Doesn’t seem like a Maria song, but it’s still good. I expected more on this cd, there aren’t much good songs! Maria should get a different song; ASAP!!All in all an ok track. 6/10

    13)Killswitch Engage – This Fire Burns (Judgment Day 2006)Speedy matal [...] When Randy used this song one night on SD! I was really scared that that might be his new song. 4/10

    14)P.O.D. – Booyaka 619 (Rey Mysterio)It’s a little different than the TV version. This song is good. And the beat is good too. It fits him, an overall great song. i personally, like his old song, but thats just me. 7/10

    15)Moțrhead РKing Of Kings (Triple H) This song is awesome! Moțrhead never fails for the WWE. The Game song was getting old. This is new and fresh- and;)Anywho, this fits HHH great, with his King of Kings thing. 9/10

    Posted on February 14, 2010