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WWE Wreckless Intent

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  • Don’t know what they’re talking about.

    1: Stop calling Desiree Jackson’s song Candice’s theme. It’s not. It’s Krystal’s theme. Candice’s theme is that “Let Me Show You What Love Is”. I know the CD case may reference it as Candice’s, but it’s not.

    2: 3-6 Mafia was always wack, not just on this CD.

    3: Silkk The Shocker’s song is decent FOR HIS STYLE. No, I don’t know why it was included on this CD either, but it’s a decent song based on how he raps.

    Now, that said, I like:

    HHH – King of Kings: this is just an awesome song for HHH. I don’t like the song otherwise, but it fits when watching him walk down the aisle. Too bad DX makes it where we won’t hear it any more.

    Rey Mysterio: Sounded better when he did it himself. This one sounds too erratic.

    Orton: Excellent, but I still think he should have Evolution’s theme as his own. It fit his arrogance better.

    Batista: I liked the instrumental old version better BUT I like the new version for the new Batista. It fits him as a top tier superstar. Not by itself though.

    Coach: Now this song I like. Not because it fits him, but because the beat is hot.

    Posted on February 14, 2010