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  • Man, X is just not getting the respect it deserves. You would think from some of the reviews on this site that this album is nothing short of terrible and that it deviates so fundamentally from Lep’s style that it is not even them. While I do agree that X has a lighter sound than their other blockbusters (Pyro, Hysteria, and absolutely Euphoria), to call this album terrible or even average is a joke and an injustice to Lep. First of all, I have no idea why so many reviews of X refer to this album as a comeback album (and therefore a disappointment somehow). Where have ya’ll been? Euphoria was their comeback album, not X. Euphoria, which was another Mutt Lange collaboration, returned to the sound of Pyromania and Hysteria and is easily their best album since Hysteria. So, stop calling X a comeback album, because it aint.Next, why do so many people feel the need to corner bands into a particular sound and style? Last I checked, musicians were free people who can experiment with their craft anyway they like. For people to expect Lep to just continue producing the same ole sound album after album is ridiculous. True fans of any band will always be open-minded and try to appreciate why the band is creating the sound they are creating. Seems there are more wanna-be Lep fans out there than real ones.The new style is precisely why X is such a great album in its own right. It demonstrates that the boys can still create great music without Lange’s involvement and it also demonstrates that they can expand their style without compromising their globally unique sound (any one of these tunes, even void of Elliot’s voice, is identifiable as Lep almost instantly). Those people who state that this CD is mush and has no intensity to it (or that it does not ROCK) are either crazy or on something. Even the ballads have rich, intricate rock guitar work going on and there are at least a handful of songs on the CD that are as rockin’ as anything they’ve turned out since Pyromania. One must only open their ears and mind to the difference in style and the quality of the songs begin to take hold quickly.All of the songs on the album are good — there is not one of them that I don’t like. Standouts are Unbelievable, So Beautiful (awesome), Four Letter Word (sounds like a mix of Armaggedon It and Photograph), Love Don’t Lie, Gravity, Cry, Girl Like You, and Scar. In conclusion, if you are a REAL Def Leppard fan (and not some fair-weather fan who corners them into a certain sound and blasts them if they don’t produce what you want), you MUST get this CD and give it a fair number of listens (10 or so) before you walk away in errant disgust as so many here have apparently done. This is definitely a cornerstone to your DL collection and I personally can’t wait to see what they produce in the future. The boys are BACK IN YOUR FACE.

    Posted on December 21, 2009