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  • I only found 2 weak tracks that separated themselves from the quality of the rest of the album, which means that this for me is their best album since Hysteria. The easiest way to describe the album is as a blend of their previous 4 albums (not including Vault or Retroactive).The first half of the album is the more laid back and best half, while the second half picks up the tempo with some more traditional Leppard rock n roll moments, but maybe isn’t quite as strong.The songs on X grow on you and bring you back for more. This is a far more matured Def Leppard. It’s a mainly uptempo and free flowing album, but it’s not an album driven by hard edged guitar.The largely pop/melodic rock approach of the album and high quality of several commercial tracks suggests that X could see the Leps back in favor with radio programmers worldwide. There is at least 5 or 6 tracks that could comfortably fit on any radio format playlist.Track by Track:Now – A very moody track that runs from an acoustic/high-tech/modern pop intro to a heavier modern rock chorus and then progressively heavier verses. The first single off the album.Unbelievable – Similar to “It’s Only Love” from Euphoria.You’re So Beautiful – The first sign of a “Def Leppard 2002″ sound. The first “sing-along” song of the album, with a killer hook.Everyday – A consistently mid-tempo and evenly balanced song. The song builds towards the chorus but doesn’t go over the top.Long, Long Way To Go – I’ll be surprised if this song doesn’t do for Def Leppard what “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” did for Aerosmith. This is a killer song…breathtaking. One of the band’s best ever ballads that demands repeated listens. A monster if radio gets hold of it.Four Letter Word – Sounds like it could have been written during the Adrenalize sessions (Heaven Is, Make Love Like a Man). A party-rocker that gets better with repeated listens.Torn To Shreds – Easily one of my favorites on this album. Has a bit of a Hysteria/Slang feel to it. Catchy as hell and one of the more musically interesting tracks from the album. Could be a hit single for rock radio.Love Don’t Lie – Not bad, but following the last track a little flat. Probably the weakest track of the album.Gravity – Similar to the title track from Slang and “All Night” from Euphoria. The song is the most high-tech pop of the whole album.Cry – is the most openly alternative rocker of the album. The chorus is different to say the least. Very in your face and aggressive. Sounds very close to a number of the heavier tracks from the last Aerosmith album Just Push Play.Girl Like You – I agree with the review that relates this song to “21st Century Sha La La Girl” from Euphria. Lots of layers. Let Me Be The One – A weaker ballad not as radio friendly as Long Long Way to Go. Scar – This is a very cool track. Probably the stand-out track for classic Leppard fans. Very similar to the bonus track “I Am Your Child” from Euphoria. Gets better every listen and could easily be a rock radio single.

    Posted on December 22, 2009