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  • I can hardly contain my anger with some of the negative reviews of this album. To all you negative reviewers, let’s get something straight: Def Leppard is NOT a HEAVY METAL BAND. Never have been, never will be. Def Leppard is simply a rock band that appeals to the mainstream. Understand this when you listen to their music, especially the new album, “X”. What I really don’t get is how a number of people complain it doesn’t sound like Pyromaina or Hysteria. Well, what do you expect them to sound like in the year 2002? Pyromania or Hysteria?? Do you really expect them to come out with the same ol’ stuff? If they did, you’d be complaining “same ol’, same ol’”. Ever heard of a thing called CREATIVITY? PROGRESSION? GROWTH? MATURITY? ARTISTRY?. The fact that they have modernized their style a bit, doesn’t make them “sellouts”. The band believes in the music they are making, and as long as you believe in it yourself you are never a sellout. They don’t live in a vaccum, they live in the same ever changing world as all of us. I have every Leppard album and “X” is trully a standout! I will always love their older style, AND I love their new direction too. IT’S ALL GOOD. All the songs on “X” are amazing. Songs like “Unbelievable”, “You’re so beautiful”, and “Long long way to go” demand heavy rotation on the air waves. In a fair world, there would be at least 7 hit singles off this record. Unfortunately this probably won’t happen because of all the narrow minded, short sighted people who won’t give this album a chance. If you are a true fan, you will be hooked on this album for months. If you don’t LOVE it, you are not a fan and you should not be submitting a review.

    Posted on December 22, 2009