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  • I have been waiting forever for this CD. Ive been a fan of the band for 3 or 4 years and I have seen them live 5 times. When this CD finally came out, I was so excited. Definitely worth the wait.1. Kill Tomorrow – Starts off with a real chunky riff that gets you banging your head right off the bat. Then it Skinny starts attacking the drums while J Mann screams his head off. This is a sick song and a great way to begin the cd.2. Sun Doesn’t Rise – An awesome intro with sort of a tribal sounding drum supporting Jeffrey Nothings wailing. I really like the balance between the 2 singers on this song. Definitely a catchy tune.3. Mother Machine Gun – I just love this song. Sometimes I will just sit there and listen to this song and then start it over and listen to it again and again. One of the sickest riffs. Definitely one you bang your head to.4. Nowhere to Go – This song slows it down a little and then it builds up a bit in the end. This is a pretty good song, I haven’t ever really heard much like this from Mushroomhead before. Jeffrey Nothing sings most of this song, much like the rest of the album.5. Becoming Cold (216) – This is another fast, catchy song. I read a lot of reviews that think this song is the greatest thing in the world. I never really got into it all that much, but its still a good song, just not one of the best.6. One More Day – At first I didnt like this song for some reason, but it has grown on me quite a bit. I would still rank this as my least favorite on the CD, but I do like it and I appreciate it as a softer song. Jeffrey sings the whole thing.7. The Dream is Over – This is where the CD really picks up again. The dream is over is just a furious song. Perfect for driving your car into a wall. J Mann and Jens from Meshuggah sit there and scream at eachother. It sounds like they are ready to destroy eachother. This song gets my blood pumping.8. The War Inside – Right after I get pumped with The Dream is Over, they throw the War Inside at me. By far the fastest song on the cd, maybe the fastest song Mushroomhead has ever recorded. Skinny is just awesome on this song. The chorus is great too, with J Mann and Jeffrey going back and forth at eachother. One of the best songs on this cd.9. Almost Gone – This song has a totally different sound from a lot of other Mushroomhead songs. Thats one thing I noticed about XIII, they really have tried a lot of new things and a lot of it turned out great. There’s a real catchy, southern sounding rif, until J Mann comes in with one of coolest parts in the cd, almost like a rap type of thing in the middle of the song. This is another standout on the CD.10. Eternal – I can tell that they are really trying with this song to make it really heavy. It sounds sort of like Xeroxed. While I like this song a lot, its mostly just because it has a killer chorus. The rest of the song doesn’t really knock my socks off or anything. But it does have a cool chorus.11. Our Own Way – I really like this song because its creepy. It starts out with a clean sounding guitar, no distortion or anything, and the Jeffrey and Shmotz and everyone come in and just create this eerie vibe. A lot about this song is great, but I think it just needs a little something else and it would become one of their best songs.12. Destroy the World Around Me – If this song was about 2 minutes shorter it would probably be my favorite song on the CD, if not my favorite song by Mushroomhead. There are 3 different parts of the song, the beginning with J Mann where there is a militant sounding beat. Then Jeffrey takes over and starts this desparate sounding singing. In the end it becomes a little more angry sounding and Jeffrey starts singing “Caught in the wave of the world around me.” All 3 parts are sick, but I think the 2 differnt parts with Jeffrey could be cut back maybe a minute or so. ?This song is a really emotional song, almost a cry for help. I love it.13. Thirteen / Crazy / Treason – Track 13, entitled “Thirteen,” is actually three songs. Thirteen is just sort of a folk sounding guitar that has kind of a calming sound to it. It goes on like that for a little while and then it fades out, when it fades in, its similar, only somewhat more deranged. It sounds like the guitar is being played backwards and theres like a baby crying and darth vader breathing. I dont know, I usually fast forward so I can get to their cover of Seal’s “Crazy.” This song is just awesome. I dont know how they came up with this song to cover but they just took it and tore it to shreds. You would never knew they didnt write this song. The last song is “Treason” which is all Jeffrey again, and hes just kind of singing over this mellow, trippy music. Its pretty cool too.Now I am no expert on rating Cds, but I do know that I really like this CD and so does everyone I have shown it to. One of the best in my collection.

    Posted on February 25, 2010